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You can order Sportsmind books, CDs and coaching sessions through our online shop.

The Sportsmind app is in development (due for launch March/April 2016) on apple and android devices. The app is a collaborative project between Kaizen Coaching and Sportsmind.

The app features 5 free relaxation and visualisation sessions. An in app purchase will allow you to access a 60 day mental training program.

Find out more on the Sportsmind app page on the Sportsmind site.

Do you want to improve your competitive edge - your mental focus, confidence and toughness, strength or motivation?

The answer is life coaching through Sportsmind with Kaizen Coaching.

Sportsmind is about enhancing athletic performance and achieving excellence in sport through personal development. Developing the mental and emotional skills, that allow for the attainment of an individual's full potential. 

Sportsmind is a training program in mental conditioning for athletes, based on modelling excellence: identifying the mental and emotional strategies of champions and teaching these skill to you. 

Sportsmind is the premier personal development program for professional athletes and coaches in the world. It provides the very best one-on-one performance coaching for individuals, and motivational and personal development workshops and presentations for sports teams, schools and corporate clients. 

The key to high achievement is personal development. 
You build better sportspeople by building better people. 

Coaches and athletes spend most of their time training fitness and sports skills - yet it's the person with the mental and emotional toughness that succeeds. You don't build physical fitness with a half dozen gym workouts - nor do you build mental and emotional toughness and confidence with an ad-hoc approach. What is needed is a holistic, structured personal development program designed for high achievers. 

True champions are those who holistically develop themselves - they strengthen their mind and self rather than just their bodies or sports skills. With Kaizen Coaching you learn the success skills that are transferable to other areas of endeavour, and will benefit you in your career and your life:

Confidence and Self Belief 
Emotional Control; 
Positive Mental Attitude; 
Leadership and Risk Taking; 
Focus and Concentration; 
Handling Pressure and Setbacks; 
Goal Planning and Achievement; 
Positive Self Concept & Self Esteem; 
Self Motivation & Direction; 
Problem Solving and Decision Making; 
Interpersonal Communication & Rapport; 
Personal Organisation and Time Management; 
Visualisation and Creativity. 

The major obstacles to improved sports performance are not physical, but rather mental or emotional obstacles such as: lapses in concentration; pre-performance anxiety; poor motivation; loss of confidence; negative mental attitude; ‘choking’ under pressure, etc 

Until now, the focus of both the physical and mental preparation of athletes has been directed almost exclusively towards performance enhancement ...... and this has resulted in many of the negatives we now see in sport: performance enhancing drugs; overtraining illnesses and injuries; athletes who are 'fit' but not healthy; eating disorders; and even depression in professional sportspeople. 

Sportsmind is the culmination of five years of intensive scientific research conducted in conjunction with the University of Western Sydney and has been proven effective in practice with over 2,500 sportspeople from forty different sports. It is the most proven, effective and practical mental training program currently available. It has been endorsed by the NSW Department of Sport.  Sportsmind is recommended by top sporting organisations and successful athletes. 

Kaizen Coaching provides Sportsmind workshops and private counselling sessions with powerful, easy-to-use techniques for professional athletes, coaches, personal trainers, teachers and the casual sports person to significantly improve their performance. 
Sportsmind is the first and only mental training program for athletes to combine proven Motivational and Sport Psychology strategies with the powerful human performance technology of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). 

Sportsmind doesn't treat 'problems', and we don't offer therapy. Using models of excellence we teach people success skills and strategies, building resources and capabilities that foster self reliance and high achievement. 

We coach. We teach. 

We can help you. 

Kaizen Coaching provides licenced professional one-on-one coaching and personal development for athletes and sporting teams including

Private & Confidential Performance Coaching 
Team Building & Leadership Skills 
Time Management & Personal Effectiveness Training 
Mental Toughness Workshops 
Communication, Media Relations & Public Speaking Skills 

(The content on this page was adapted with permission from  Jeffrey Hodges, the developer of Sportsmind)

For more information about Sportsmind or Jeffrey Hodges, visit the Sportsmind website (www.sportsmind.com.au)


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