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Testimonials about Joanne’s coaching and books

" Things have all gone to plan, nationals were great, we won undefeated
... I was named captain, so I was really happy with that, and I made the national team... Thanks heaps." LR, water polo player.

“Since working with Joanne I’ve dropped 4 off my handicap and I’m enjoying the game more” Amateur golfer, NSW.

“I really enjoyed the first coaching session - the session made me adopt a whole new perspective with ideas - thinking outside of the square …Thanks once again so much for your help.” MS, business owner. QLD.

“Thankyou very much for your excellent coaching. From it I have gained so
much. I have enjoyed the past four weeks.” PS, business owner, NSW.

“Thanks for the coaching over the last month. You reminded of the some things I already knew but had since forgotten and therefore was not using which have helped heaps!  You also gave me some insight and ideas I had not thought of before – a new approach is always welcome. Finally thanks for showing me what should have been obvious but somehow I seemed to ignore, that is my relationship challenges must be resolved not only for their own sake as they are so importance in my life but also for the sake of my own goals and my sport. My handicap is on track from 12 to 8 and I'm building greater confidence each day.” MF, NSW.

“I am putting better than any time in my life thanks largely to a mental focus I have put into my routine. My short game has also improved out of sight. I can't describe how good, strong and in control I felt, and whilst I ended up with a good victory, it wouldn't have mattered, the significance was the focus, and that what I worked on was more important. Thank you for the coaching. “ DL, professional golfer, NSW.

“Thanks heaps Joanne, although I am suffering withdrawal symptoms from not hearing your bright and cheerful voice for 4 weeks.” ML, business owner, QLD.

“Most impressed. Your listening, chat and structure were well timed for me. Your coaching was much appreciated.” GL, VIC.

“I enjoyed reading your web site, I thought it was very motivational.” JS, Singapore.

“Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know how I'm doing [since your coaching and I moved back to the UK].  I have got an accountant and a business coach.  Anyway, life is positive and fun and I love it! “ JB, business owner, UK.

“I do appreciate your help and advice and hope we can work together [again] in the future.” PJ, consultant, UK.

“Your help has been greatly appreciated. I owe you so much you have given me so much confidence. Thank you so much !!” MD, NSW.

“Thanks again for your help and coming [to watch me compete]. ” SW, NSW

“I wanted to thank you for you time and positive energy. During the day and today our discussion keeps popping up. Which is sort of a sign for me that it was very interesting.” WM, USA.

“Wow!  Now there is an example of customer service and that I love to see, thank you” ML, Vic

“Thank you for today.  You reaffirmed my faith in me.” LW, NSW.

“Thank you for your openness with me and the amazing insight you have had
personally and with others. Once again thank you and I look forward to being able to share my findings and Ahh moments with you!” LM, business owner, UK.

“I felt I was at a crossroads.  Thank you for helping me know which way to go” DC, NSW

“Thank you for the 40 minutes on the phone – one phone call changes a lot of things.  You are one of those special people who have helped me change my life.  Thank you.” KC, NSW.

“Thank you so much for your support [at the golf day] I think all the players really enjoyed the mind coaching on the course. Many thanks again.” SW, Event Co-ordinator, Starlight Foundation.

“I have just read the article in "Work from Home" very impressed” BK, business owner, NZ

“All I can say is WOW !!!!!” MH, NS 

“I think your chapter is far and away the most practical and "hands-on" chapter
of all of them. (And very well written). Great stuff!” SD, Vic

“I just wanted to thank you for the most valuable time that we have spent together recently… My original goal in working with you was to speed up the progress in achieving my goals.  I’m definitely on my way!  The time that we have spent together has proved my theory that even a coach needs a coach!” FB, business owner, NSW


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