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Joanne Mansell is the "Kaizen" Coach.

"Kaizen" is a philosophy of continuous improvement which Joanne shares with both her business and sporting clients with great success.  Joanne is also the co-author of "Building an Extraordinary Business" and "Walking With the Wise".

Joanne Mansell is the head of Kaizen Coaching, a company she established to bring to others the ideas that helped her build a successful business and create a life she had only dreamed was possible.  A thriving entrepreneur and one of Australia’s premier Life Coaches, Joanne is a recognised authority in small business development and performance improvement, particularly for competitive sports people and business executives.

 With a degree in Applied Science and as a qualified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, Joanne integrates the best of a scientific background with proven behavioural and life change techniques, as well as her own life experience, to create a unique, powerful and effective coaching style.  Her coaching method is unique and rapidly gaining popularity.  She combines her experiences in the corporate world with logical/problem solving and analytical skills from an Applied Science degree in Computer Science, and then forms practical and easy to implement solutions based around her experience as an NLP Master Practitioner, Ericksonian hypnotist and a student of many contemporary coaching Masters including Anthony Robbins (Awaken the Giant Within), Bob Proctor (You were Born Rich), Kurek Ashley (Fire Up Your Life) and Jeffrey Hodges (Sportsmind).  

This suite of mental toughness, leadership, communication, concentration, visualisation, motivation, goal setting and attainment has proved equally applicable to individuals and the corporate world.

Her company, Kaizen Coaching, provides individual mental and emotional coaching; business, success and life coaching and immediate behavioural change. "I have extended the Sportsmind NLP for Sport metaphor to one of fitness - being the capability to do what you want.  I encourage my clients to strive for what I call 'Mind, Body and Life Fitness' and Balance in all areas of their lives." 

After six years in a successful, corporate job with a merchant bank, Joanne was faced with a quarter-life crisis and realised she was unfulfilled and had been living other people’s expectations.  The consequences of this were declining health and relationships and a diminished sense of self.   The lessons she learned to turn her life around now form the basis of her inspirational coaching.  She shares some of these lessons in keynote speeches on “Holistic Mind, Body and Life Fitness,” and “Applying Kaizen Philosophy to Everyday Life.”

 As a coach Joanne provides assistance in three key areas – strategies, motivation and support.  The main focus is on equipping clients to create the life they want by improving their “fitness” in a sustainable way.  The cornerstone of her philosophy is Kaizen (continual improvement), which she applies to herself just as rigorously as her clients.

Joanne’s workshops emphasise experiential learning through games as metaphors, and participants at her seminars find her to be a dynamic and creative facilitator who uses humour to make her programs both enjoyable and educational.  Her coaching clients find her to be intuitive, creative, experienced, helpful, humourous, challenging, logical and successful – especially in creating the outcome they want.   Her clients have included international competitors in Golf, Tae Kwon Do, Naginata and Dancesport as well as Olympic athletes.

Joanne 'walks the talk' by applying the Mind, Body and Life Fitness and Kaizen concepts in both her professional and personal  life. She runs a successful small business, was competitive in Kendo and Naginata and most recently has been competing in kayaking marathons and various charity events for the Red Cross, Starlight, Arrow and Leukaemia Foundations, Sydney City Mission, and Oxfam Community Aid Abroad.  

If you have a passion for life and a commitment to making a difference to yourself and those around you, Joanne is happy to offer a free coaching session to help you start your journey and enhance your life.  Remember, the difference is you.


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