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This page provides an overview of the 3 pillars of Kaizen Coaching: Mind, Body and Life Fitness.  Go to the shop for prices.


Mind fitness is having the mental toughness, emotional control and confidence to excel, whatever the situation, whether it is common, unique or challenging. In other words to perform at the best of your ability.

Kaizen Coaching uses techniques developed in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and SPORTSMIND® to produce effective, lasting results, building skills for life.

Aspects of mind fitness include:

  • goal planning and achievement
  • positive self concept and esteem
  • visualisation and creativity
  • self motivation and direction
  • positive mental attitude
  • confidence and self belief
  • mental toughness
  • concentration and focus
  • anxiety management
  • achieving under pressure
  • modelling success
  • leadership and risk taking
  • problem solving and decision making
  • interpersonal communication

Workshops and counselling provide powerful techniques for everyone to significantly improve their performance.


Look good and feel even better!

There is more to body fitness than how you look or measurements and numbers. Create the fitness to perform to the best of your ability and have your body working to support you and your life goals.

Personal Training with Kaizen Coaching will help you build a healthy body and maximise your energy through diet and exercise. Life coaching with ensure you use that energy effectively to achieve all YOUR life and fitness goals.

If you’re not healthy, physical fitness means nothing.

Personal Training/Life Coaching for:

  • safe and effective fat loss
  • body shaping
  • aerobic conditioning
  • personal health
  • stress reduction
  • diet improvement
  • creating vitality/more energy
  • self image

LIFE FITNESS (life coaching, success coaching, business coaching)

Life coaching is more than a buzzword. It paves the way to life changes, and creates a framework that supports you and the attainment of your goals in a sustainable manner. Let Kaizen Coaching assist you to realise your true potential, leaving you with skills you will use for the rest of your life.

We provide coaching for individuals, businesses and groups to address the key areas of your life –finances, relationships, business/career, health and self.

Specific coaching outcomes include:

  • goal setting and attainment
  • clarity and direction
  • financial education
  • time management
  • conflict resolution/negotiation
  • decision making/problem solving
  • creativity
  • life transitions (relationships, career)
  • starting or growing a business
  • sports performance (see Mind fitness)
  • physical well being (see Body fitness)


Align your Self to do more, better.

Create your life, your way.



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