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Walking with the wise
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About Kaizen

 Kaizen means "Continuous Improvement" - the perfect approach to coaching!
  • Try coaching with Joanne Mansell - the founder of Kaizen Coaching and a pioneer of coaching in Australia. Known as "the extraordinary businesswoman" and the "kaizen coach" she is one of the world’s premier coaches for Business, Life and Success coaching.
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Available now! Joanne's second anthology sees her published alongside Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn and many other great mentors.
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  • Learn the secrets to success and true prosperity from successful mentors and millionaires from seven countries who share their insights.  Find out more.


Want extra business for your business? Want to build an extraordinary business?
  • Buy the book "Building an Extraordinary Business" TM.  Successful strategies for growing your business from the world’s premier business coaches, including Australia's Joanne Mansell of Kaizen Coaching.
  • Check out our FREE resources for your business.
  • Business Coaching is available - see coaching section above.

Q- What do elite athletes and business athletes have in common?

A - Mental toughness!

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