Why your business needs a life coach….
by Joanne Mansell

In an earlier article I said:

In today’s business world having a Life Coach is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.  Along side customers and staff a life coach is one of the most important people to your business”

Let’s look at why:

Thomas Leonard (the founder of Coach-U) says a life coach is:

 Your partner in achieving professional goals;

Your champion during a turnaround;

Your trainer in communication and life skills;

Your sounding board when making choices;

Your motivator when strong action is called for;

Your unconditional support when you take a hit;

Your mentor in personal development;

Your co-designer when developing an extraordinary project;

Your beacon during stormy times;

Your wake-up call if you don’t hear your own

…and most importantly;  your coach is your partner in living the life you know you’re ready for, personally and professionally.”

 It’s a great start, I would like to add or expand on a few things. 

 As a coach to franchisees and small business owners I’d say an outstanding business/life coach is also:

 ·        Someone who isn’t tied to your business so the advice you get is impartial and not a tainted point of view which can come from an “upline” or someone with a vested interest in the success of the franchise.

 ·        Someone to work with you about YOU. Even a franchise with a fantastic product and bullet-proof systems can fall down if the key people (particularly the franchisee) lack certain behaviours, beliefs and capabilities, including:  

-          visualisation and a vision for the business – where do you want to go!

-          goal setting and attainment strategies – how are you going to achieve your vision?

-          the ability to prioritise and utilise time effectively

-          empowering beliefs which support success. Beliefs that "this business can be a success" and that "I can be a success in this business" - one is about capability/possibility and the other is about your ability to make it work.

-          professional behaviours such as punctuality, maintaining a professional appearance and quality tools/equipment/merchandise.

-         discipline to follow the systems and procedures where they exist, or to document procedures if they do not exist.

-          communication skills to maximise interactions with your team, customers, and prospects.

-          self motivation and leadership.

 ·        Someone to work with you about the business, someone to ask the “hard questions”.  These are questions that will change the course of your business, its profitability and your success.  Sometimes they are hard because you don’t know the answers, sometimes they are hard because you don’t want to face the truth about the answers.  Whichever is true for you, you will benefit from answering these questions, and you will benefit even more from answering them along with a coach so you can immediately start on strategies to make the changes your business needs.  If you are starting a franchise, answering these questions before you start will give you and your business the best possible chance of success.

-         What is your key product?

-         What is your marketing strategy?

-         Who are your customers?  How do they find you (or do you find them)?

-         Who are your competitors?  What is happening in the industry?

-         Where is your business headed?  What is likely to change this – for example changes in the industry, your niche, the political or business environment, laws and legislations, new inventions…

-         Why are you doing what you are doing?  Are you in this business out of necessity or by choice?  Is this business your passion and aligned with your values?

-         What changes do you need to make?  Do you need more customers?  More repeat sales?  More referrals?  How are you going to achieve these things?

-         When are you going to make the investment in your business and hire the people who would help your business grow?  Is this a coach, an accountant or someone else?

 and finally

 When are you booking your FREE 30 minute coaching session to get started on making your business the success you deserve?

 Like many things in Life Coaching they sound very simple and most of us “know what to do”.

But are you doing it?  Are you doing it consistently?

What would have to change in you or your environment for you to “do what you know”?

 For more information on these concepts, or to book a business or life coaching session with the author, Joanne Mansell please phone 0416 181 654.  The first half hour consultation is complimentary. 

Joanne is a co-author of a business and life coaching book due for release mid-2002 – see www.kaizencoaching.com.au for more information about the book, and for copies of her other small business articles.

Joanne Mansell, Kaizen Coaching – “Mind, Body, Life Fitness”


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