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Have you ever wondered how people get away with using your business or Company name? The answer is TRADEMARKS. Without one you are at risk of losing everything you have worked long and hard for! A trademark will protect any name and / or logo your company may have

Trademarks can be a simple and cost effective way of protecting your business for life! The idea behind trademark registration is that the registration will give you exclusive rights to the name / logo you register. Meaning, you can stop others from copying!

Trademarks Australia have set up business in order to help other protect their business and assets. As so many people are unaware of the benefits associated with trademarks we feel our business can assist all others in learning something new!

We conduct trademark searches to ensure that you are not infringing upon an already registered trademark before you begin using the name or logo. We will also attend to the lodging of your application.

If you have a registered business or company name, it will not protect the words used, only give you the right to trade by them. This means that they are good for tax and banking purposes but not for Advertising or Promoting your business.

The other benefit of trademark registration is DOMAINS. If you own the trademark you may be within your right to stop others from setting up websites linked to your name. These days this is important, as the Internet is becoming a part of nearly all business.

There are many ways in which you can register a domain name. IE a .com or a It is suggested you register your trademark as all variations to stop anybody else from claiming a registration.

When registering either a domain name or a business name it is advised that you have a trademark search conducted to ensure you are not going to step on any body else's toes. Neither the business names office or domains registrar will conduct this search when you register a name through them. Only in Queensland do they make a real attempt to alert you to the trademarks issue. You must be aware that you may be infringing upon a registered trademark before you can register a business name.

Trademarks really are the safest form of protection, and are highly important for all people dealing in business to have knowledge of their relevance to everyone and everything!

We have seen a number of cases where people or organisations have registered a business or domain under the belief they are protected, only to be sued or threatened by a trademark owner.

Trademarks are also relevant to importers and exporters in which ever country/s they may be dealing. If you are, or intend to, import a product with a name already on it, you need to be sure that the product name is not already registered as a trademark in Australia before using it.

Trademarks are a national registration, not an international, so you need to go through this process in each country you trade in.

We know of one importer who lost near $100,000.00 because he did not research the name of the product he was importing.

Once you think about it, trademarks are quite an inexpensive way to protect all that you have achieved. Even when you employ the services of professionals in this area (like us) your trademark will work out to an average or approximately $90.00 per year to keep your trademark alive and registered. It is worth it, to save the costs you may face later if you ignore this issue, like legal fees and compensation costs!

Any day of the week you pick up a newspaper or a magazine that will contain trademark disputes somewhere on its pages.

Almost anything can be protected by trademark registration. Sound, scent, word, logo, slogan etc so without registration you can never believe you are 100% safe! Australian is a big country and the population is growing so the chances of someone registering the name or logo that you use before you is getting higher. Don’t be another victim, do the right thing and protect yourself.

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