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Profile Joanne

This page provides an information about Kaizen Coaching: Who is behind the company, Why hire us, and how to contact us.

Who is behind "Kaizen Coaching"?

Kaizen Coaching is a registered trading name for Joanne Mansell, pictured. 

She was the first level 2 SPORTSMIND trainer in NSW and is also a qualified NLP Master Practitioner and in Ericksonian Hypnosis.  

Why use Kaizen Coaching for training or coaching?

At KAIZEN COACHING we walk our talk by being FIT for your needs:

  • Flexibility - we come to you or you to us (North Shore, Sydney Australia). Group or individual sessions.
  • Endurance - we go the extra distance to help you get results. Commitments can be planned up to a year in advance.
  • Strength - we believe that anyone who is committed to make a difference will do so.
  • Co-ordination and Balance - we believe in integrating improvements within your life to ensure the goals you pursue are in harmony with your lifestyle and the people who are important to you.


Contact Information

0416 181 654
Postal address
GPO BOX 741,
Sydney, Australia,
NSW 2001
Business Centre
Parramatta (Sydney) 
NSW, Australia.
Electronic mail
Australian Business Number (ABN)
25 920 584 264.




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